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The Adventure of Sir Good Knight by Tom Geden

A childrens story book about a good knight written by a NJ author. The book begins and ends with Tom Geden reading the story to his son Terry.
The rest of the book is set in Medieval Times. “The Adventure of Sir Good Knight” is a story about a king who is challenged to a battle and lost. The only man left to fight was an outcast who offers to help. The king agrees and the man finds an enchanted suit of armor giving him special powers.
The book was first written in 1980 when Tom was still living in New Milford, NJ.
Tom and his loving wife of many years Mary Beth decided to publish the book and give it to Terry on his birthday. Terry was so excited to see himself as a character in the book, he asked his father to read it to his class at school and leave a copy for all to read. Tom is currently selling the book himself and it is available online as well at and Kindle.

Tom is available to do book signings and readings if given enough notice and would be delighted to autograph copies for people who wish to purchase through the e mail or in person.
The book sells for $20.00 retail and can be purchased in bundles of 10 for $150.00. That gives the retail seller a 25% profit! He will also be available to cross promote at this location when needed.
Tom will donate 10% of profits to the Children's Specialized Hospital Network.
Tom is now available to perform at birthday parties.

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To preview a performance of the story go to you tube using the keyword tomgeden and click on “The Adventure of Sir Good Knight”. The story is designed for children in kindergarten however kids of all ages will enjoy it as well.
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